Amar Surveys Ltd.

Serving Western Canada for 40 Years

Land Surveying in Alberta and British Columbia since 1982

Committed to the Environment

 Celebrating 40 Years of 
Oil & Gas 


Amar provides a variety of land surveying and engineering services such as Well Site Surveys, Route Selection, Land Claims, Precision Layouts, Real Property Reports, and more.

Our project managers have over 20 years of experience in the survey and construction industry. With our rich history and knowledgeable staff, including an ALS and CLS, we are ready to assist you with any project, big or small. We utilize all the latest survey technology available to ensure we provide our clients accurate and cost-effective products and services.

Amar takes pride in knowing and understanding the different needs of our clients and strives to ensure you receive the most accurate and cost-effective services.

Land Surveying
Amar Surveys is a Geomatics Engineering firm that has been providing land surveying and construction surveying to all of Alberta and British Columbia since 1982​
oil and gas surveying
Amar has been providing oil and gas surveying services to Alberta and BC since 1982. We have experience in every aspect of the energy industry including:

Our staff provides utility surveying services to Alberta and BC industries for all sizes of projects.

Experiences with staking right of ways and topographic surveys, mapping and route selection.


Amar has experience with government surveying projects for both local, regional and national governments.

We have a rich history and a Canadian Land Surveyor (CLS) on staff to assist with many types of government projects.

Safety is an integral part of operations and surveys. It is the policy of this company to expect all managers, supervisors, employees and contractors to comply.

It protects our employees, clients, public, property and the environment. Accidents can affect people, downgrade property and result in the loss of production. 


Amar works with Indigenous vendors and suppliers for our projects. 

Alberta Land Surveyor

Amar is always looking for ways to reduce environmental impact both at our office and in the field. We are continuously looking into ways to increase our efficiency and decrease our footprint.

Amar Surveys Ltd. has taken steps towards long-term sustainable thinking.

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