Founded in 1982

Our History

Amar Surveys Ltd. was founded in 1982 in a tiny office in North Hill Mall. In 1984, we moved into our familiar 10th Avenue S.W. location. By 1987, AMAR’s two crews had grown to five with a full-time draftsperson. In 1998, with outgrowing our old office, Amar moved to our current location at 818 – 16th Avenue N.W.

As our company has grown, many of our field staff have been brought into the office where their practical experience supplements the skills of our office team.

We have performed Land Surveys in virtually every area of Alberta, including freehold and crown lands, on flat prairie and mountainous bush, and in Federal Lands in Indian Reserves and National Parks.

In 2022, Amar Surveys Ltd. celebrated its 40th Anniversary. During the past four decades, we have provided our clients with innovative and cost-effective surveying solutions. Today, we are more than forty people in order to provide the best service.

old Calgary picture

Reducing Environmental Impact


Amar Surveys Ltd. has taken steps towards long-term sustainable thinking. Moving to a paperless system in 2015 has reduced our environmental footprint on the planet.  We have sold our office vehicle and utilize a car-sharing service while running office errands.  

Employees have secure remote access to the server, allowing people to work from home, or in the field when the need arises. 

Amar Surveys Ltd. is always looking for ways to reduce environmental impact at the office and in the field.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide top quality Legal Land Surveying Services efficiently and at a competitive price, while striving to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of our community. 


Our team is dedicated to facilitating your projects and needs. We specialize in oilfield surveying, and we have extensive experience surveying lease sites and rights-of-way.


  • Andrew K. Lee, ALS (Retired) – Founder
  • Mackenzie Lee, P.Eng., ALS, CLS – President
  • Arthur Miller, B.Sc, ALS – Project Manager
  • Benson Kim – Operations Manager