Oil and Gas Surveying

oil field surveying



我们所有的测量队伍都可以接入我们在卡尔加里总部的服务器, 并且全面配备野外自足作业所需的每件装备。


Types of Surveys

oil and gas surveying
  1. Resource Optimization: Accurate surveys enable companies to pinpoint promising drilling locations, thereby reducing exploration costs and increasing the likelihood of striking economically viable reserves.

  2. Environmental Considerations: Precise data acquired through surveying allows for responsible planning and mitigation of environmental risks. This leads to minimized disturbances to ecosystems and reduced potential for oil spills.

  3. Operational Efficiency: Detailed subsurface mapping aids in designing efficient extraction strategies. This includes decisions on well placement, drilling techniques, and reservoir management, leading to enhanced production rates and longer field lifespans.

  4. Investment Confidence: Investors and stakeholders rely on surveying data to assess the feasibility of energy projects. Reliable information fosters investment confidence and facilitates funding for exploration and production endeavors.

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